Golden Age of India

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All of us have studied about the Golden Age of India but ask yourself if you still remember it, the majority would say “no”.

The Golden Age of India; to be more specific, Northern India, was a period during the Gupta dynasty. A period between the 4th and 6th century AD. It was a time when the kingdom was excelling in different kinds of spheres. Spheres like mathematics, religion, philosophy, literature and astronomy.

Star of the period was the great scholar Aryabhatta. He looked at the lunar eclipse and conceptualised the idea that the earth was round and spun on its axis. He even discovered that all the planets & the moon shined by reflecting the sunlight.

This century also remembers him as the inventor of “zero”. The base of the decimal numeral system happened during this revolutionary period.

Known as the Father of Surgery, Sushruta was a famed physician of the Gupta period. He wrote Sushruta Samhita, a Sanskrit text covering all major aspects of Ayurveda. The text is considered to be one of the foundational texts of Ayurveda.

The game of chess is also said to be originated during this period. Chess was known as chaturanga, then it used to have game pieces of soldiers, cavalry, infantry etc.

Literature was also very prosperous at that time. The greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist of all times, Kalidasa was active and wrote his famous play Shakuntala. This period also witnessed exceptional texts like Kamasutra, Panchatantra etc.

One cannot forget architecture while talking about the Gupta dynasty, the golden age produced magnificent architecture, including temples, sculptures and paintings of the best quality. The candour of these structures can be still seen in Dashavtara Temple and the Mahabodhi Temple; A UNESCO world heritage site.

All this led to prosperity in India and also lead to worldwide attention. Fa Xian was one of the first Chinese travellers to Bharat during the Golden Age. All of his journeys were journaled and it was eventually published.

Such a period involving considerable achievements of Indians in all different fields was termed the Golden Age of India by historians.

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