Balochistan Chapter

Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province, sharing borders with Iran and Afghanistan. It is commercially and strategically significant for Pakistan because of its high concentrations of natural resources. According to World Bank statistics, it is Pakistan's most insecure province.

“Baloch Chapter” at the Indic Researchers forum will be a set of online conferences that will consist of interactive sessions designed to highlight the human rights violation towards the Baloch population in Pakistan. Balochs think their identity and culture have been suppressed and alienated by the government. The region is undergoing insurgency as a result of a territorial conflict between the government and Baloch rebels. Human rights abuses are reported regularly in Balochistan. Furthermore, the population faces a lack of basic services such as education, food, sanitation, and health care, as well as cultural and religious oppression, religious radicalization, exploitation of natural resources, enforced disappearances, executions, sexual assaults by the Pakistani army, extrajudicial killings, and arbitrary arrests and detentions.

There is no freedom of speech or expression. The media is also highly regulated. People who question the authority are branded "terrorists." Separatist organisations such as the Balochistan Liberation United Front and the Balochistan Liberation Army have been designated as terrorist organisations by Pakistan's government. Balochistan is demanding its independence due to continuous governmental persecution.

Experts Opinion

Balochistan; land of Enforced Disappearances

⚬ November 03, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The article talks about enforced displacement of minority groups in the state of Pakistan. The write demands a Truth and Reconciliation Commission under the UN to investigate the human rights violations committed by the Pakistan Army in the former FATA.

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