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⚬ November 03, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The article talks about freedom of speech and expression in Pakistan. The writer is passionate about bringing oppressed entities of Pakistan on the surface.

The Aftermaths of Talibanisation of Afghanistan

⚬ October 26, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The Article discuss the effects of Taliban regime in Afghanistan. It talks about how the internal politics of Afghanistan will affect Pashtuns across the Durand line; they face threat from both sides, namely Taliban and the state of Pakistan.

Talibanisation of Afghanistan

⚬ August 19, 2021⚬ Maj Gen Dr Rajan Kochhar, VSM (Retd.)

The article analyse the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban and its impact on the geopolitics of the region. It further highlights the challenges that India would face while dealing with Taliban.

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