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North East Insurgency

⚬ October 27, 2021⚬ Lakshmi Priya Panicker

India’s concerns with the North East insurgency has not been quelled since independence. With the changing trajectory of geopolitics and technology, the situation remains complex. This article gives an insight into the origins of insurgency and India’s unique approach to the multi-dimensional hurdles that impede closer relations.

The Future of Afghanistan’s Rare-Earth-Elements Industry

⚬ September 29, 2021⚬ By Sneha Sebastian

The article talks about the future of $1 Trillion worth reserves of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Afghanistan. REE are of immense importance in the production of multiple technological goods and hi-tech military equipment which can help countries that possess it.

Islamic Terrorism In Kashmir

⚬ August 10, 2021⚬ By Vitraag Bhat

The article talks about the rise of terrorism in Kashmir, especially after the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley. It further stresses on the importance of abrogation of article 370 and how this will help in stabilising the valley.

Golden Age of India

⚬ August 9, 2021⚬ By Bhuvanesh Singla

The article talks about the glorious era of Gupta Empire in Indian History. The empire not only cultivated science and architecture but also art and culture.

The Dilemma: India’s permanent UNSC seat

⚬ July 27, 2021⚬ By Satya Pulukuri

The article makes a case for permanent membership of India in the United Nation Security Council. It further highlights the need for the UNSC reforms which will lead to a holistic and well represented council.

Western Footprints in South Asia

⚬ July 22, 2021⚬ By Hardika

The article talk about the deep-rooted sociological, political and cultural westernization due to colonization in the South Asian region and the identity crisis which South Asians face because of the intellectual hegemony of the west.

A Quest for power: Indo-China relations

⚬ July 17, 2021⚬ By Ananya Saxena

The article analyze the clash between India and China that happened on 15 June 2020 in the Galwan valley. It further discusses the strategic position taken up by both the countries in their defense.

Importance of Civic duties in Education System

⚬ July 12, 2021⚬ By Aashika Jain

The article talks about the significance of civic duties in the contemporary world. It further highlights the importance of gripping the curriculum of civic duties in Indian education system.

A Case for Making Space for Women in Our Society

⚬ August 10, 2021⚬ By Monya

The article talks about how the ancient Indian society provided a space for women development. In doing so, it tracks the trajectory of women empowerment from ancient to modern times.

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