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China's Influence On Global Educational Institutions And Its Geo-Intellectual Dominance

⚬ Aug 07, 2022⚬ Sathya Pulukuri

This articles talks about the China's Influence On Global Educational Institutions And Its Geo-Intellectual Dominance.

Kafir, Violent Jihad in School Textbooks: How State-Sponsored Radicalisation in Islamic World is Undermining the Global War on Terror

⚬ July 03, 2022⚬ Yashas Arya

The article talks about how Islamic world is sponsoring radicalisation and extremism through intolerant and hate content in school textbooks. The article further decodes how the concepts of Ummah, Kafir and Violent Jihad are the religious sources of Islamic terrorism.

State recognition in International Law -A case study of Kosovo

⚬ March 04, 2022⚬ Anshu Singh

The article discusses state recognition in international Law. Under International Law, recognition of a state can be defined as: A state acknowledgment or acceptance as an international personality by the existing State of the international community.

Balochistan; land of Enforced Disappearances

⚬ November 03, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The article talks about enforced displacement of minority groups in the state of Pakistan. The write demands a Truth and Reconciliation Commission under the UN to investigate the human rights violations committed by the Pakistan Army in the former FATA.


⚬ November 03, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The article talks about freedom of speech and expression in Pakistan. The writer is passionate about bringing oppressed entities of Pakistan on the surface.

North East Insurgency

⚬ October 27, 2021⚬ Lakshmi Priya Panicker

India’s concerns with the North East insurgency has not been quelled since independence. With the changing trajectory of geopolitics and technology, the situation remains complex. This article gives an insight into the origins of insurgency and India’s unique approach to the multi-dimensional hurdles that impede closer relations.

The Aftermaths of Talibanisation of Afghanistan

⚬ October 26, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The Article discuss the effects of Taliban regime in Afghanistan. It talks about how the internal politics of Afghanistan will affect Pashtuns across the Durand line; they face threat from both sides, namely Taliban and the state of Pakistan.

Pashtun Spring: A Grass Root Civil Political & Human Rights Movement

⚬ October 26, 2021⚬ Fazal Ur Rehman Afridi

The research paper talks about the life of Pashtuns in the state of Pakistan. The Author is himself witness to all the agonies and humiliations suffered by Pashtuns.

The Future of Afghanistan’s Rare-Earth-Elements Industry

⚬ September 29, 2021⚬ By Sneha Sebastian

The article talks about the future of $1 Trillion worth reserves of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Afghanistan. REE are of immense importance in the production of multiple technological goods and hi-tech military equipment which can help countries that possess it.

Why Are Diversity And Inclusion Important In The Field Of Security Studies

⚬ September 3, 2021⚬ Raagini Sharma

A small snippet on diversity and inclusion in the field of security studies, which provides a glimpse of different parameters regarding ethnicity, class, western and non-western thoughts of the subject and how these two barometers are important for the study.

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